domingo, 26 de mayo de 2013

Speaking topics: Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes. How to answer this question: 
What do you like doing in your free time? It´s a typical speaking exam question for basic levels and even for higher ones as it is something you are going to find in real communication, for example when you start a conversation with someone you have just met…
The thing is that students always answer the same typical stuff: I like going to the cinema. I like watching football on TV or I like going out with my friends…. Fair enough but why don´t you try something new and more original by the way?
Verbs and structures
·        It ´s ok if you use “like” but not all the time. You can use: love, hate, enjoy, don´t mind, dislike followed by –ING FORM
*    I enjoy cooking / I love visiting new places
·        You can use all these expressions to mean “I like”: I´m keen on, 
I´m into fashion, I´m fond of, I´m crazy about, I fancy.
*    I like music= I´m into music= I´m fond of music=
I fancy music= I´m keen on music
Be creative
Many candidates say “I like going out with my friends”, 
why don´t you say something different? It doesn´t have to be true!!

I´m really into street art/ I love handglading/ I´m keen on photography; I like taking and developing pictures./ I love volunteering in my free time.
I leave a video by Mr Duncan for more info on the topic.

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