jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012


Dear students,
Exams are around the corner and I guess you are starting to panic and revise grammar,pronunciation,spelling,etc.Unfortunately,little can be done in a couple of weeks unless you have been studying throughout the academic year.
English is not the typical subject you can study by heart, go to the exam, answer the questions and forget about it. English is a language so you need to learn everyday
Do you want my advice? Read books in English, watch telly in English, films in their original version with or without subtitles, go abroad and chat someone up! An English speaking boy/girlfriend is the best teacher you will ever have!!
For those taking “Pruebas de Certificación  EOI”, you should have a look at the samples from different CCAA (regions) and do all of them following the given timing. If you have not been attending lessons but want to get the B1 or B2 level (por libre), bear in mind that it might not be as easy as you think. Check the Common European Framework (CEFR) .The CEFR is a document which describes in a comprehensive manner i) the competences necessary for communication, ii) the related knowledge and skills and iii) the situations and domains of communication. The CEFR defines levels of attainment in different aspects of its descriptive scheme with illustrative descriptors scale. In conclusion: have a look at it and you will know what the examiners will expect from your level of English.
Click below for the complete text:
If you still think you have the level,check these samples below and practice:
For more samples, google "pruebas de certificación de eoi"      GOOD LUCK!!!

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preparacion Toefl dijo...

La verdad es que en casos donde tengamos exámenes es lo mejor que podemos hacer para intentar estudiar y así poder afrontarlos con garantías

TOEFL Madrid dijo...

Muy buen blog y muy útil para los estudiantes en nuestras academias de inglés