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A description of a person

A description of a person
What do you need to know to describe a person?
·       Body parts: hair, eyes, mouth…

·       Adjectives: dark, tall, short, fat, slim….

·       Have got: tener/ I have got…./he/she has got....

·       Linkers: and, but….

Body parts:
For more vocabulary on body parts click here: http://www.saberingles.com.ar/lists/body.html

To describe hair:

length(longitud)+shape (forma)+colour (color)

Length: long, middle length, short, bald (calvo)

Shape: straight, curly, wavy, spiky (de punta), shaved (afeitado),dreadlocks (rastas)

Colour: dark, blonde, fair, brown, red, black, grey…

To describe height:

Tall, short, medium height

To describe weight:

Fat, overweight, obese, thin, slim, slender (esbelto), skinny…..

To describe skin:

Pale, fair, dark

More vocabulary:

Freckles: pecas


Beard: barba

A scar: una cicatriz

Mole: lunar

To describe age:



Middle aged




He´s about 50…. (alrededor de 50)

He´s in his thirties… (30 y tantos)

More adjectives:

Beautiful, good-looking, handsome, attractive, pretty, ugly…

More vocabulary here:

 What does Lady Gaga look like? ¿Cómo es Lady Gaga físicamente?
Lady Gaga is a young woman in her twenties, she is medium height and slim.
She´s got brown eyes and long straight blond hair. She is an American singer and she is famous all over the world. She is very eccentric but an excellent singer.




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