jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

The English we speak: SLANG

Hi everyone!

How is your summer going? Hope you are doing well and improving your English.

Today, I am going to write about "slang”, what is slang? basically slang are those words and expressions you are not going to learn in formal education unless you have a teacher like me ;) or you go to live to an English speaking country, let’s say, England where you will pick them up as you go. It happened to me when I lived in London, the first time I heard the word "quid" I was on a bus on my way home until a night out with pals and there was a guy trying to get on the night bus and he was asking people for a couple of “quids”. I had never heard that word before after 5 years studying English at the school of languages plus other 5 years studying English at university. Isn´t it ridiculous? “quid” means pound and 90% of English people say quid instead of pound in informal situations. The thing is that we need to learn everything because at the end of the day we are going to interact with real speakers of the language so, apart from being able to write essays, we do have to learn slang and ....it´s fun!

Wanna learn slang? Try this website and have fun!

The English we speak by bbc learning English


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